Souvenirs EP

by Fountains



released September 20, 2013



all rights reserved


Fountains Mönchengladbach, Germany

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Track Name: Apathy
I've been overthinking strategies to find back to myself
Another winter passed without a change

I found myself ignoring all the calls I got today
Just going through old letters that I read
Not to mention all the childhood dreams, to fight the growing apathy
They slowly fade away and start to blur
Track Name: Souvenirs
The seaside didn't hold it's promise
as we headed north
The freezing water touched our shaking feet
And the sunrise didn't warm our bones, fragile from the night before
But we stayed until we had to go

Look upon the sky or watch the birds swim on the water
Watch the lighthouse as it turns from black to grey
The seaside didn't hold it's promise as we headed north
But I'll keep these memories in my chest

Carry on with all your plans and I will help you out
Don't give yourself away in stupid things
Recently I start to think, that we fit in here again
These streets gave us nothing but they didn't take as well

If growing up is as bad as you think
Then why do things keep getting better?
Maybe there's a time when you wish back the old days
But these old days happen now
Track Name: Progress
Now I have to clean this dirt off my hands to feel secure
I see your face in the spilled water on the floor
I feel something in me change, when these memories are fading
In this basement I grew cold, listening to the songs you've hated

I'm not something special, neither something wrong
I just want to be myself without biting my tongue
But I know of that I needed you to move on to the day I write these words
And I needed you to find back to myself

I know it's been a while since I had to be so open
But the things I want to tell, were going pretty well
And if I'm mistaken, make sure that I cut out the boring parts

This has gone too far
And please give me back
The hours that I wastend in your bed
Sitting by your window, hoping you would hear me
Everyone had left us, but you didn't seem to care

But now these days are old and black and white
I know that I'm let down but I'm alive
Head for the stars and leave tonight

I head for the progress and the years fade away
My friends helped me through this
The right place to be
Track Name: Courage
So look past my skin and find the worries that I have
But in your presence all the fears seem baseless
How many times have you closed your eyes to think of me

And I hope you let me be the one
that takes your breath away

If I had the guts to say that we grow apart
Would you help me to get rid of the doubt that I house inside my heart
Stop the charade and I help you to get rid of your disguise

Your boldness seems to be an awful lie
You lied

And I never had the chance to be
The one who gives your lifes a sense
But I was the only one who tried
There's just one chance, to take
To be the one who counts

Could I be the one
Who takes your breath away
Track Name: Stability
Make up your mind and take your time to put yourself back together
You should know that you can always count on me
Say what you think, but first just listen
There are things that I'd do different
If I just had the guts to do what should've been done

I wonder why I don't think about you when I fall asleep
Being right never felt so wrong

Don't ask to me be real with you
When you don't know what to say
I know that I'm not better off this way

I tried to be the one who's holding you and me together
But I never succeed