Lucky Charms

by Fountains

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released April 25, 2014

Mastered, Mixed and Recorded by Marco Schardinel at Noise Office Mönchengladbach.



all rights reserved


Fountains Mönchengladbach, Germany

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Track Name: Tiny Parts
things are improving between me and my biggest fears
to grow up, work nine to five
I'd rather spend time with my friends
or with video games and ice cream sandwich
sitting on the couch doing nothing like the lazy fuck I am
well and how is this improving?
it's just that none of these sleepless nights
over how to pay the rent or interpersonal relationships
was ever even close to kill me
everything is not as bad when you watch your own life from afar
some days will be awful, others drag you down
it is much more a question of appreciation
than it is of luck
of course I am aware that life won't go on like this
it is the tiny parts that make all of this worthwhile
Track Name: Lately I Feel Uninspired
we all have fallen from grace
once in a while
it is as easy as
what goes around comes around
I have given you so many chances
to prove that you will stand your ground
and I have grown so sick
I have grown tired of your shit
under the spreading chestnut tree
I sold you and you sold me
was I ever enough
or was I ever meant to be
loyalty is such a strong word
losing all its standing (Losing all it's worth)
if chained to preconditions
so as of today you stand alone
don't you ever fucking count on me again
Track Name: Open Mind
you show me the mistakes that I make
where I go wrong so I can never get lost again
I will be a better man than I was before
I’m sick and tired so lover’s grief give me a break
these golden anchors bent so easily
seems like we stray under the same sun
as weeks are getting months
we watch ourselves grow legs
from holding hands too much
like back in the days
lately the sun has been shining her brightest bright
it feels like having finally arrived
somewhere I want to be
embrace me with open arms
with an open mind
there are things one can never understand
as long as the feelings stay the same
as long as I can still relate
I’ve done more wrong in life than I could ever rectify
Track Name: Autumn
take me somewhere I have never been before
show me places our fathers didn't know
remember the day we left this stupid town
and made a promise that we'd never return
I have changed so much
it hasn’t changed too much
it’s time to move away
and start something new somewhere else
this is my eulogy I testify I cannot stay
too long in the same place or die where we grew up
this boardwalk was either
the best or the worst
for I am restless now
for I am happy now
every day feels so fucking much like the last days of november
summer’s over, everything seems dull and empty to the eye
when did I get lost in despair so much
does it matter anyway?
take me somewhere I have never been before
show me places our fathers didn't know
do you remember the day that we finally came back home
and never wondered why
we never wondered why
Track Name: Backers
your blues stare me down, cold as ice
I can tell you have been tearing up
and nothing left inside
I see the empty bottles and you still reek of last night
you didn't get any sleep and won't get any more tonight
we have never been friends but it feels like you need one right now
and if it's just for a shoulder to cry
you must know that I have been through this like everybody else
I'm afraid there is no trick to this
it is just one of those things in life that must make you hurt
and oh god does it hurt so bad
it hurts so fucking bad
the day will come that you will go on
to prevent yourself from self-destruction